Stress Reduction Workshop for Organizations coming January 2021!

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January 04, 2021
Want to adapt and evolve your workplace or organization into an environment that values calm over chaos and fosters peace AND productivity? Wendy Conrad, certified Chief Happiness Officer and founder of Your Happy Workplace, is presenting a new workshop series called "Understanding, Reducing, & Managing Stress in the Workplace" starting on Wednesday, January 27th at 1pm. 
This three hour, interactive workshop takes place LIVE via Zoom on WED-THUR-FRI from 1p-2p. If you are a business owner, organizational leader, department head, or solopreneur who wants to move forward from 2020 and create an ecosystem that includes stress-busting tools for your team (and yourself), then you want in on this workshop.
Learn, dance, and interact with other leaders from your home, office, or workspace by attending this transformational workshop experience. 
For more info and ticket information, please contact Wendy at 772-971-9527 or
Wendy Conrad, Workplace Happiness Consultant, (772) 971-9527