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April 09, 2020
RIVIERA BEACH, FL – While the coronavirus has disrupted recycling programs nationwide, TERRA’s Done with IT mail-in program continues to provide electronics recycling to those impacted by the pandemic here in the U.S.
Done with IT serves more than 257 million people in 43 states with recycling options from its coast-to-coast network of 25 e-Stewards and Certified R2 facilities.
Today, USA Recycling Centers (USARC) is proud to announce their participation in TERRA’s Done with IT program and will provide certified recycling services by way of Mail-In to more than 18.5 million residents of Florida from their Certified R2 facility in Riviera Beach, FL.
In addition to being simple, secure and sustainable, Done with IT is safer too. Used electronics sent through Done with IT are shipped through the US Postal Service (USPS). These shipments average 2-8 days for delivery which allows time for potential surface contamination of retired electronics to be neutralized. Moreover, recycling boxes may be quarantined within USARC’s  secure facility for a time determined by industry best-practices, if required.
 “Deemed essential to the Nation’s Critical Infrastructure workforce, USARC remains open and ready to serve. We felt our Mail-In option gave the right flexibility during this time while social distancing is still critical to avoid the spread of the coronavirus,” said David Palmer, President USARC. 
“Done with IT offers e-waste recycling and ITAD services from nation’s best recyclers for both businesses and consumers without the need for physical contact.” Steven Napoli President and CEO, TERRA. 
“This national crisis has caused unprecedented disruptions to the materials supply chain,” said David Palmer at USARC. “We’re excited to join TERRA and offer simple and effective e-waste solutions to help alleviate some of this pressure.”
“Currently we are seeing a dire need for working, used, inexpensive electronic equipment as many students and workers are having to work remotely.” continued Palmer. “…this way business and private citizens can safely do their part both in protecting the environment, as well as helping relocate unused equipment once data has been fully sanitized to the people who need it most.”
USA Recycling Centers (USARC)
USARC is a full-service electronics and industrial sensitive material recycling company offering secure onsite data storage media sanitization and destruction, asset decommissioning, full de-manufacturing, removal, recycling, and IT asset disposition enterprise solutions. https://usarecyclingcenters.com / http://www.donewithit.org/usarc
TERRA & Done with IT
TERRA is dedicated to diverting used electronics to the care of Certified Recyclers to maximize reuse and the recycling of natural resources. http://www.jointerra.org / http://www.donewithit.org / Facebook / LinkedIn / Twitter
David Palmer, President
davidpalmer@usarecyclingcenters.com, (877) 343-5155